Book Lover? You’ll Fall Instantly in Love with our Top 5 Bookworm Signs

Here at Homebody Accents we’ve crooned over coffee and we’ve shouted from the rooftops about our love for music. But we haven’t yet touched on the love for the written word. From the tree-swinging adventures of Robinson Crusoe to the modern thriller novels crafted by Stieg Larsson, books hold the capacity for infinite exploration of the mind. Whether you love the classics, horror, poetry, or short stories, you’ll love the metal signs we’ve crafted specifically with the bookworm in mind. Today we honor the magic of reading with these top five metal signs for the book lover.

Adventure AwaitsLibraryBookworm BlvdGo Away, I'm ReadingAll Who Wander

Adventure Awaits – The perfect sign to hang on the door of a personal library or English classroom, “Adventure Awaits” states plainly, yet boldly just what one can expect from the pages of a book. Only true readers know what fathomless excitement lies waiting between the covers of a new story.

All Who WanderFor the whimsical reader or the avid English major, this beautiful sign’s simple line is based on the famous quote by J.R.R. Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost.” Basically, this sign encourages those of the artistic or creative persuasion to take their time exploring and discovering life to become their true selves. A bright feather as an accent reminds everyone to stand up for themselves and their potential.

Library – Grace your personal library, reading nook, or locally-owned bookstore with this faux street sign. In a word, “Library,” this sign, printed on a white background with black ink, gives off a vintage air with its rustic edges and clear message. Show everyone what your favorite pastime is and where you like to do it. If you want to hang this sign outside a building, ask us about our special sun protection options.

Bookworm Blvd – Also a street sign, “Bookworm Blvd” designates the street where anyone would most likely find you happily dwelling. Show off your love for books by hanging this sign on your study door or near the large picture window where you like to sit and read. If you know a book fanatic, also consider this sign as a great gift.

Go Away, I’m Reading – Any serious reader knows that the worst thing that can happen while you’re engrossed in a book is getting distracted by those who try to make small talk. Hang this sign with a funny, yet pointed message above the area where you most enjoy reading and do your best to focus in spite of the inevitable distractions that may come your way. Simple and colorful, this sign is a great way to express how much you love losing yourself in a novel.

If you love to read or know a book lover, grab one of these book-themed signs that help express a genuine adoration of stories and words. For more gift ideas, check out our website today.

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